From George Bentham   9 June 1870



June 9 /70

My dear Sir

Enclosed is a bill of lading for the last box sent of which I presume you have received the duplicate. Another box is being packed and probably two will soon be sent as I have given Grevillea and Hakea to be be packed and Banksia will be ready next week — then I have only Dryandra which will not take long and I shall have the whole volume in the printers hands before I leave town next month. You will have received last month down to p. 256 and I hope to have from the printer tonight in time for the mail tomorrow the clean proofs down to p. 400 or at least to 3841 — one or two more sheets are in type but will not be ready to send now

On my return to town in autumn I shall be obliged to interrupt Flora Australiensis for a while till I get out another part of Genera Plantarum2 so that I must beg you not to send any more plants nor any money towards the 6th vol. till I let you know that I am ready to begin again

Thanks for yours of the 20th March3 recd some little time since. I trust all your troubles are now satisfactorily got over

Yours very sincerely

George Bentham


Dr F. Mueller






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M to G. Bentham, 20 March 1870.

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