From George Bentham   23 November 1871


Novr 23 /71

My dear Sir

I am very happy to hear from your letter to Dr Hooker that you have got over your troubles that had annoyed you so long.1

I have now gone through the Compositae2 and have only to look up a few omitted genera and references so that I am free to take up the 6th vol of the Flora Australiensis in the course of a few days — and if health admits purpose following it up steadily — some of the Orders such as Santalaceae will take some time — In others so much has recently been done for the Prodromus3 that I shall have all the less trouble

With every good wish for the New Year believe me

Ever yours sincerely

George Bentham


Baron Ferdinand v. Mueller




M to J. Hooker, 6 September 1871.
For Bentham & Hooker (1862-83), vol. 2.
Candolle (1823-73).

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