To James Casey   21 April 1873

Melbourne bot Garden



In accordance with your verbal instructions, received yesterday, I have the honor of transmitting a copy of the regulations in force as regards the distributions and interchanges of the botanic Garden.1 I deem it my duty to point out simultaneously, that I have heard of the intention of the Educational Department to issue a circular to the Gov. teachers to apply for such plants from the botanic Garden as are needed yet for the various Gov. School grounds and Educational establishments.

I have the honor to be,

Sir, your obedient servant

Ferd. von Mueller,

Direct. botan. Garden.


The honorable the Minister of the Lands Department.


May I respectfully ask that an opportunity may kindly be afforded me to advise on the changes of any of the existing clauses, before any such alterations become gazetted. F.v.M.2

Copies of printed notices from the Victoria Government Gazette , 7 October 1862, p. 1917, and 5 August 1870, p 1137, concerning ‘Distribution of plants, etc., from the Melbourne Botanic Gardens’ acompany M’s letter in the file.

On 24 April 1873 Casey minuted: 'Let these regulations be revoked by His Ex. And in future all trees plants flowers & seeds are to be supplied on requisition appvd of by the Minister'.

The notice that the existing rules were rescinded, and that 'In future no distributions of any kind of plants thereform shall be made without the authority of the Minister of Agriculture' qas published in the Gazette, 2 May 1873, p. 715, and reported in the press the following day; see, for example, Argus, 3 May 1873, p. 5.

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