From George Bentham   10 February 1874


Feby 10 1874

My dear Sir

Many thanks for your kind letter of the 1st Decr containing the intimation that you had obtained the authority for the £100 for the next and last volume of the Flora Australiensis which I hope I may be enabled to finish If I do not hear from the Agent General after next mail I will as you recommend apply to him

I have finished the Brasilian Mimoseae1 and am now at Genera Plantarum2 and hope to be at Flora Australiensis in the autumn I should therefore be much obliged to you to send me the Monocotyledons in the course of the summer[.]3 I will take care to leave a Memorandum under which the £100 will be returned if I do not live to finish the volume.

I resigned the Presidency of the Linnean Society last week. My successor is not yet fixed upon. By custom he will be a Zoologist4

Your specimens of MacGregoria had somehow been laid aside and forgotten, they will be immediately looked out in the mean time what you have sent to Dr Masters show it to be a new genus of undoubted Stackhousieae5

I sincerely trust you may now be going on more comfortably and able to devote yourself as steadily and successfully to science as you have done hitherto

Yours most truly

George Bentham


Baron von Mueller





The final part of Bentham (1859-76), ‘Leguminosae, III: Mimoseae’, was published on 1 July 1876 as vol. 15, part 2, pp. 257–504.
Bentham & Hooker (1862-83).
editorial addition.
Bentham’s successor was George James Allman (Gage & Stearn [1988], p. 219).
M had repeatedly requested the views of the Kew botanists on this plant; see, for example, M to J. Hooker, 8 September 1873 (in this edition as 73-09-08a). M erected the genus ( M . racemigera ) in B74.04.01, p. 161. It was illustrated, with a short text by Bentham, in Hooker (1867-88), vol. 13, pp. 23-4, plate 1230.

Please cite as “FVM-74-02-10,” in Ɛpsilon: The Ferdinand von Mueller Collection accessed on 27 November 2021,