From Thomas Ware   18 April 1874

Chief Secretary’s Office

Melbourne 18th April 1874


By direction of the Chief Secretary, I have the honor to request that Officers of your Department, who have the control of Government Buildings over which insurances have been effected, will, in the event of a fire occurring report it without delay to Mr. Joseph Aarons, the Government Insurance Broker, whose address appears in the margin,1 so that he may be in a position to take such steps at once as the occasion requires.

I have the honor to be


Your most obedient servant

Thos. Webb Ware

Acting Under Secy.


The Government Botanist

6 Collins Street East, Melbourne.

Please cite as “FVM-74-04-18d,” in Ɛpsilon: The Ferdinand von Mueller Collection accessed on 28 November 2021,