From Charles Stuart   8 July 1874

Tenterfield1 July 8th /74

Dear Sir

I have been long in answering your last,2 but have been in hopes that I might have been able to comply with your request respecting the ferns, but am sorry to say that I have found it impracticable as I find upon trial that I am rendered quite incapable of travel, I tried a few miles but was forced to give up.

I believe that I once sent you sp. of all that I met with at that time with their general dimensions, also the young fronds, but I believe did not make any notes of stipes, I think there were about 6 of them arborescent including Dicksonia and Todea africana of which last I have seen some plants of 5-6 ft but not generally more than 3 ft

I have however sent some fragments of what I have but fear they will be but of little service, I am very much grieved that I cannot do more

No 1

Caudex 12-18 ft — diameter about 8 in. length of fronds 8 ft

— 2

Caudex 8-10 ft, diam. 6 inches length of frond (longest) 10 ft


Caudex 8 ft, diam. 6-8 inches length of fronds 8 ft.

I say nothing of Dicksonia & Todea as with these you are well acquainted

I am sorry this is so meagre but it is all I can do, and am quite unable to say from memory any thing respecting the Stipes — my health continues good generally, and I get a little employment, just sufficient for my wants which are few, trusting that all goes well with yourself I am

dear Sir

Yours Sincerely

Charles Stuart


I have a good friend in Mr Brown with whom I am living

please address as usual

Post office




Todea africana

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