From Morton Allport   18 October 1874

Hobart Town

18th Octr 1874

Baron Von Mueller




Dear Sir,

As the best reply to your note I have packed up & forwarded per "Southern Cross" all the fossil plants from my own collection which may or may not prove interesting but which are quite at your service for as long a period as you wish —

Those from Gellston Bay (Tertiary [...]) are for the [most] part probably identical with existing species but [the] three or four [specimens] of seeds or seed[vessels] I cannot make out. These [...] are all associated with species of [...] [...] I believe to be now extinct. [Consociated] fragments of bone belonging to existing Dasyurus [...] were also [encountered] in one part of the Quarry —1

The beautiful [ferns] from the Carboniferous strata at Spring Bay will perhaps interest you though they may be all well known species. If you can append the names when you return the specimens I shall be greatly indebted to you and you may rest assured that I will lose no opportunity of securing any further specimens that may fall in my way.

Amongst the fossils in the Roy. Soc. Museum there are a large number of tertiary specimens (casts of leaves seeds &c) which are Tasmanian but from what precise localities we do not know — would these be of service to you?

I was much charmed with the plates of the fossil seeds from your gold fields.2 I have also to thank you for the pamphlet on Forest culture.3

Yours sincerely

Morton Allport

See report of an address by Allport to the Royal Society of Tasmania at its meeting on 13 June 1876, in Papers and proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania (for 1876), pp. 60-61 (1877), where M's view of the fossils is reported (M's letters have not been found).
B73.11.01. This work still exists in the Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts inscribed by M: 'Morton Allport Esqr | With Ferd. von Mueller's best regards'.

Please cite as “FVM-74-10-18,” in Ɛpsilon: The Ferdinand von Mueller Collection accessed on 28 November 2021,