To Edward Symonds   9 February 1876

Mount Gambier1


The Undertreasurer


In reply to your memorandum 17562 I have the honor to suggest, that the £25 transmitted for the purchase of seeds to the Agent General may be expended in obtaining seeds of the Marrem or large Bent-Grass (Psamma arenaria) and of the Sea Lyme Grass (Elymus arenarius) and of the Lupinus arboreus and Lupinus albiflorus3 from some reliable London Seedsman, so that these plants may be raised as early as possible during the next cool season in large quantity to arrest the influx of the coast sands between Warnambool and Belfast, where the rich agricultural land is more and more covered by the sanddrift. Dr Hooker, C. B., the Gov. Botanist of England, would be sure to oblige the Agent General in the selection of well-matured seeds of good freshness.4

I have the honor to be,

Sir, your obedient

Ferd. von Mueller.


Elymus arenarius

Lupinus albiflorus

Lupinus arboreus

Psamma arenaria

See E. Symonds to M, February 1876 (in this edition as 76-02-00).
Not in IPNI; error for L. albifrons? see note 1 to M to J. Hooker, 18 January 1877 (in this edition as 77-01-18a).
Letter marked: 'For U. Ts [Under Treasurer's] consideration R.G. 17/2/76'; 'The Govt Botanist's suggestion to be carried out. E.S.S. 17.2.76'; 'Agent General | Letter in accordance with Dr Mueller's suggestion that amt. be expended in purchasing seeds 21.2.76 [illegible initials]'; and 'Agent General has been instructed to carry out your suggestion 25.2.76': see E. Symonds to M, 25 February 1876. The file also contains correspondence from the Agent General and bills of lading for various items including seeds, as well as an invoice from Minier, Nash & Nash, seedsmen, No 60 Strand, for three one hundredweight lots of seeds, of Sea lyme grass, Marram grass and Arundo arenaria.

Please cite as “FVM-76-02-09,” in Ɛpsilon: The Ferdinand von Mueller Collection accessed on 21 September 2021,