To John MacPherson   14 June 1876

Melbourne, 14/6/76.

The honorable John Macpherson,

Chief Secretary.



In compliance with your request I have the honor of transmitting to you herewith a copy of four of the volumes, issued by our Acclimation-Society, in which treatises on industrial plants are contained.1 If my suggestion of their reprint in a copious edition2 for wide distribution here met with your approbation, then it might be advisable to have the whole rearranged into one alphabetic series, for which purpose the needful number could be put to each species, on returning to me for this purpose the now transmitted copy. I beg to add, that the Accl. Society had only a limited number of copies printed, and that none of these are obtainable now any more.

I have the honor to be, Sir,

your obedient servant

Ferd. von Mueller.3

B71.06.02, B72.13.02, B74.13.06, B75.13.11.
On 4 July 1876, Sir S. Wilson wrote to MacPherson noting that these papers by M were out of print, and urging 'that a few thousand copies be reprinted for sale or distribution' (K76/7042, unit 930, VPRS 3991/P, PROV). M subsequently recommended that, the Government Printing Office being overwhelmed with work, a tender he had obtained from McCarron, Bird & Co. for printing the volume be accepted; see M to J. MacPherson, 21 September 1876. MacPherson approved, and later allocated additional funding to permit a total of 3,000 copies to be printed.

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