From Frederick Bailey   February 1877

Memo for Baron Mueller


Drimys dipetala F.v.Muell I have just gathered this on Cunninghams Gap. I do not think it has been found so far in Q-land before. It is a handsome small tree altogether too large to call a shrub I got my specimen at the top of the gap FMB


The flowers of our Pituri I have just receive. They are as I received them. all loose. But will be of value to you for the supplemental Vol of Flora as they have never as yet been described F M B


If well enough could you tell me what Bentham has done with Danthonia elymoides FvM? I cannot recognize it in the Flora1

Trusting your health is improving with the warm weather believe me

Ever your much obliged

F M Bailey


Danthonia elymoides

Drimys dipetala

The grasses are treated in Bentham (1863-78), vol. 7, pp. 449 ff; but the name Danthonia elymoides does not appear as either a recognised species or a synonym. APNI cites Bailey (1877), p. 11, for the name, without description, and lists it as an invalid nom. nudum. Bailey (1879) attributes the name to M as a synonym for Astrebla elymoides, under which name he writes: ‘This species seems to have been overlooked, as no notice is taken of it in the Flora [i.e. Flora australiensis], and I cannot find where Baron Mueller described it, but it has been described by him under the above appropriate name. The descrption I have given is from some few specimens I have received from North Queensland, and from meeting with it in the Warrego in 1876 during the long drought…’.

Please cite as “FVM-77-02-00a,” in Ɛpsilon: The Ferdinand von Mueller Collection accessed on 23 October 2021,