To Miles Berkeley   3 August 1877



This little Crucibulum or perhaps Cyathus, dear & rev Sir, may be new. It is a desert-species. As I am just in the midst of mail work & other pressing engagements I have no leisure to examine it and send you all I have.

In 4 days I have to give a lecture in the large presbyterian Church for the Church fund. My theme is “the influence of Ministers of the Christian church on the advancement of natural sciences”.1

I have written the lecture mostly, & given you all the praise due to your great researches.2


Ferd. von Mueller




In his lecture, delivered at the Presbyterian Church of West Melbourne on 6 August 1977, M said: ‘there is not a country in the whole world, where the vegetation will not speak for all times of the greatest of living mycologists, the Rev. M. J. BERKELEY, curate of Sibbertoft. Since more than forty years this sedulous and unostentatious worker has brought his observations and literary talent to bear on Fungi from all parts of the globe, Australia included. These researches; often significant in relation to pathology, he still continues with unabated youthful ardour, at a very venerable age, alike to the veteran Elais Fries, of Upsala’ (p. 32).

Please cite as “FVM-77-08-03,” in Correspondence of Ferdinand von Mueller, edited by R.W. Home, Thomas A. Darragh, A.M. Lucas, Sara Maroske, D.M. Sinkora, J.H. Voigt and Monika Wells accessed on 8 August 2022,