From Frederick Bailey   22 September 1877

Ivanhoe Cottage

Robert St. Brisbane

Sept 22nd /77

Baron von Mueller


My dear Sir

I enclose in this a very small Orchid which I found on the top of a high tree which was thrown by the road party on the top of Range Trinity Bay I send all the plants I could find to Bowen Park1 where they are now in flower From the Flora2 I think it may be Bolbophyllum lichenastrum F.M. a plant I have never come across — and perhaps you described that from a dried specimen and would therefore like to see a fresh plant I make the following notes on the veining & colour as they are perhaps lost in drying

The plant forms irregular patches similar to Dendrobium linguefora3 for which I at first took it Sepals & petals cream colour Lateral sepals marked with (5) five blood red veins, dorsal sepal having only (3) three blood red veins and the petals only one (1.) central vein The labellum is a rich orange colour and marked with two (2) forked veins —

Many thanks for your kind enquiries after my health As the weather warms I find myself getting stronger

Ever your much


F. M. Bailey

Bolbophyllum lichenastrum

Dendrobium linguefora

The Queensland Acclimatisation Society’s ground in Brisbane.
Bentham (1863-78), vol. 6, p. 287.
Dendrobium linguiforme?

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