To Joseph Decaisne   20 March 1879



I have to thank you, venerable and learned friend, for your goodness of sending me an original specimen of Lepidosperma squamatum of Labill,1 which will enable me to refer to this species fully with its synonyms in the next number of the fragmenta,2 when I shall not fail to allude to you as the honored donor of the specimen for identification.

I feel almost ashamed, to ask any more favors, but still like to clear up any doubts, which could not be solved in the "Flora Australiensis". Thus it remains to be ascertained what Hirnellia cotyloides 3 of Cassini is. I should also be glad to receive a small specimen of Trichinium polystachyum (Gaudichaud).4

I hope soon to finish the distribution of a large number of spare specimens of Museum-plants, when your collection will participate in the distribution.

I will write to Sir Will Macarthur respecting the fruit-trees, you so kindly to5 dispatched to him. At his highly advanced age his neglect is perhaps somewhat pardonable.

Let me remain, honored Sir, your regardfully attached

Ferd. von Mueller.6


Hirnellia cotyloides

Lepidosperma squamatum

Trichinium polystachyum

See M to J. Decaisne, 11 October 1878.
No such discussion was published.
H. cotuloides?
The file contains a letter from C. J. Blackith & Co. to Decaisne dated London, 4 July 1879, saying that his parcel for M would be sent by steamer, leaving on 14 July.
MS annotation: Hiernellia cotyloides Cassi | Trichinium polysta.'

Please cite as “FVM-79-03-20a,” in Ɛpsilon: The Ferdinand von Mueller Collection accessed on 21 September 2021,