To William Carruthers   8 June 1879




Allow me, dear Mr Carruthers, to ask your favor in supporting the Candidature of Professor Fred. M'Coy for the Royal Society next November.1

As a leading palaeontologist you particularly will be aware of the great extent and value of his researches in this direction, dating so far back, when he was a collaborator of the Rev Adam Sedgwick and my late friend Sir Roderick Murchison. The modesty of Prof. M'Coy has never allowed him to come forward, to join the illustrious men, in the Society over which Sir Isaac Newton once presided, and it is entirely on my own action (but with his consent) that I seek the honor of the fellowship for him.2

Regardfully your

Ferd. von Mueller

See also M to T. Huxley, 8 June 1879, and M to J. Hooker, 8 June 1879 (in this edition as 79-06-08b). The nomination certificate (in this edition as 80-03-04a) was lodged on 4 March 1880 and McCoy was elected FRS on 3 June 1880. None of Carruthers, Huxley or Hooker signed the certificate.
See F. McCoy to M, June 1879 (in this edition as 79-06-00).

Please cite as “FVM-79-06-08f,” in Correspondence of Ferdinand von Mueller, edited by R.W. Home, Thomas A. Darragh, A.M. Lucas, Sara Maroske, D.M. Sinkora, J.H. Voigt and Monika Wells accessed on 23 March 2023,