From John Brown1    16 March 1880


Dear Sir Ferdinand

Many thanks for the 5° Decade of your interesting and valuable "Atlas",2 and for your kindly mention of myself in connection with E. Hemiphloia.

We have E. Hemiphloia, E. odorata and E. Behriana growing promiscuously in our Wirrabara Forest3 and I am still at a loss to distinguish which is which. I find E. odorata very much inclined [...] go into varieties which become confusing.

Please receive herewith three specimens from Wirrabara — No. 1. I take to be E. Hemiphloia.

No. 2. Is this E. odorata? and again No 3 which one is this? or are the two latter [varieties] [...] the same species?

Apologising for troubling you so much

Believe me

Dear Sir Ferdinand

Yours very truly

J. E. Brown

Sir Ferdinand Mueller

Govt. Botanist


Eucalyptus Behriana

Eucalyptus hemiphloia

Eucalyptus Odorata

Brown wrote to the Forest Ranger, J. W. Love, in March 1880 (before writing the above letter to M) saying: 'I am not satisfied about Sir Ferdinand's ruling that the "Box" and "Peppermint" are the same tree; and in order to examine into and settle the matter I require good specimens of each kind' (GRG 16/3/1 Conservator of Forests letter press copy book, p. 359, Woods and Forests Department, State Records of South Australia). The specimens referred to in the present letter are probably ones received from Love in response to this request.

Please cite as “FVM-80-03-16a,” in Ɛpsilon: The Ferdinand von Mueller Collection accessed on 22 September 2021,