From John Brown   14 April 1880

Forest Board Office,

Adelaide, 14/4/80

Dear Sir Ferdinand,

I have just received some excellent seed of Albizzia Procera; A speciosa; Cedrela Toona, and Acacia Catechu from Dr Brandis of India […]1 inform me what is the best season of the year for sowing these seeds in this country, and oblige

Yours very truly

J. E. Brown


Sir Ferd Mueller

Govt. Botanist,



Acacia Catechu

Albizzia Procera

Albizzia speciosa

Cedrela Toona

Several lines illegible.

Please cite as “FVM-80-04-14b,” in Ɛpsilon: The Ferdinand von Mueller Collection accessed on 22 September 2021,