From Joseph Hooker1    28 April 1880

April 28/80

My dear Mueller

There is variability in the color of various Cruciferae2 but I do not remember any of that from yellow to white, except Raphanus Raphanistrum & the [Austn] Drabas as to which whether from hybridization or variation I cannot tell but in the Herbm it seems impossible always to define the golden from the white [fld.] except by color of flower.

Of course you know how variable Cheiranthi are

As to your Polypodium Mr Baker has carefully examined it again & regards it as a mere state of Nephrod. decompositum wanting the involucre & he regards Pol. rufescens Blume as an analogous form of the less divided variety of the same species3

Ever most sincy yr

J D Hooker





Nephrodium decompositum

Polypodium rufescens

Raphanus Raphanistrum

MS embossed with crest of Royal Gardens Kew. MS annotation by M: 'Answ 18/6/80 FvM'; see M to J. Hooker, 18 June 1880.
See M to J. Hooker, 3 March 1880.
See M to J. Hooker, 3 March 1880.

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