From Joseph Hooker1    5 July 1880

July 5 /80

Dear Mueller

Enclosed is a bit of a branch of a spadix of Clinostigma Mooreanum from Mount Lingbird Howes Isld.2 It is contained in 2 short broad spathes 7 in long exactly like those of Rhopalost. sapida, the outer being broadly winged from which however the ♂ fl. differs in the calyx & the symmetrical corolla as well as the stamens.

I find no traces of ♀ fl. anywhere on the spadix & the whole habit & inflorescence of ♂ fl differs so much from Clinostigma that I think I must keep up the genus Lepidorrhachis as indeed Wendland suggests. Moreover the spadices are described as numerous & amongst the leaves, if I am correct in thus interpreting your character "spicae inter folia numerosae" — (Fragmenta VII. 102.)

I can find no scars of male fl. at the base of the fruit which Wendland does (Linnea XXXIX 218.) "quod cl. Muell negat".3

It is concevable that these ♂ fl. may belong to some other Palm but I see no reason to suppose so — as we have it also from Moore (top of Mt Gower)4

These Palms are indeed most difficult & I do not manage a genus a week!

I am disposed to put Kentia minor into Linospadix with monostachya, though the anthers are so different — I assume both have axillary i.e. intrafrondal Spadices, whilst K. Belmoreana according to a drawing has infrafoliar spadices.

K Canterburyana will I think go into Rhopalostylis

Can you send me ♂ fl of K Wendlandiana? or any flowers for acuminata or Ptychosp. laccospadix, or Areca Normanbyi.

Australian Palms are in a shocking state.

Very sincerely yr

Jos D Hooker.


Any materials for [Pacific] Palms would be gratefully viewed & returned.


Areca Normanbyi

Clinostigma Mooreanum

Kentia acuminata

Kentia Belmoreana

Kentia Canterburyana

Kentia minor

Kentia Wendlandiana


Linospadix monostachya

Ptychosperma laccospadix

Rhopalostylis sapida

MS embossed with crest of Royal Gardens Kew. MS annotation by M: 'Answ 26/8/80'; but see M to J. Hooker 28 August 1880, which is evidently the letter to which M refers.
Mt Lidgbird, Lord Howe Island?
which the learned Mueller denies.
Lord Howe Island.

Please cite as “FVM-80-07-05,” in Ɛpsilon: The Ferdinand von Mueller Collection accessed on 28 September 2021,