To [William Thiselton-Dyer?]    May 1881

[May 1881] 1


By the Hampshire end of April I sent (freight here paid) a large stem of Macrozamia Moorei from Queensland (♀ pl.) If plunged into bottom heat, it would make new roots, though perhaps only after a long time. Indeed I had S African Encephalartos species dormant for four years, when suddenly they burst into leaves.



Macrozamia Moorei

Editorial addition. The approximate date, and conjectured correspondent, are based upon the departure of Hampshirefrom Melbourne on 29 April 1881 (Argus,30 April 1881, p. 6),and the recorded arrival at Kew in August 1881of a ‘Large stem of Macrozamia (Encephalartos) Mooreana' (RBG Kew, Kewensia, Kew Inwards book, 1878-83, entry 293, p. 326), together with Thiselton-Dyer’s interest in cycads at this period.

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