From James Chalmers1    10 November 1881

Port Moresby

New Guinea 10/11/81

Dear Sir Fredrick2

When in the Gulf lately at Orokolo I saw the enclosed for the first time, a cream coloured double hibiscus.

I hope soon to send you another collection.

I sent lately to Mr St. George a number of dracaenae & asked him to send you leaves as soon as grown.

I have not been travelling much inland this year, having been almost entirely on the coast but hope to carry out my long thought of inland trip, try & cross, next season3

I am sorry I have sent you so few things this year.

With kind regards.

very truly yours

James Chalmers



MS annotation by M: 'Answ 17/5/82'. Letter not found.
sic .
See also J. Chalmers to M, 29 August 1878.

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