From Joseph Hooker   5 January 1882

Jay1 5 /82.

My dear Mueller

I thank you much for your letter of 22/112 & offer of having Epacrideae sent in Cladonia — but really kind as the offer is I cannot wish it carried out. The chances of their arriving alive are microscopic. Your hint as to the maturing of the seeds is most valuable & quite new to me.

I will write to Webb & offer to pay him for Nuytsia cuttings & for seeds, with pleasure.

I think that Calectasias, Kingias & Baxterias might come alive packed with moss and Lichen.

We will gladly return you a case of live plants for your little Garden in spring, but do say what you would like to have; there is plenty of time.

I am trying to get through the Aroids for Gen. Plant.3 having finished Palms.

Ever sincerely yr

Jos D Hooker


The gigantic Cycas is sprouting famously.









Hooker is responding to a number of points in M to J. Hooker, 22 November 1881.
Bentham & Hooker (1862-83).

Please cite as “FVM-82-01-05,” in Ɛpsilon: The Ferdinand von Mueller Collection accessed on 28 September 2021,