To William Thiselton-Dyer   16 February 1882



Just on the mail-day, dear Mr Dyer, I received the first installment of photograms of Cycadeae from the Lands Department, i.e., two plates on two sorts of paper, so that one can be coloured. The plates represent:

1, Male and female Amentum of Macrozamia Moorei

2, male and female amentum of Macrozamia spiralis.

You will observe from the latter, which represents the Port Jackson common plant, that it is not Bauer's and Miquels species, so far as their plates are concerned,1 which are more in accord with M. Moorei & M. Douglasii, & M. Macdonnelii

What is now photographed, is Salisbury's plant,2 as regards locality, though this very plant extends to Moreton-Bay. However I shall go fully into this matter soon & let you know the result. My description of M. spiralis, fragm. I, 41,3 you will find correct.

The superb photogram of M. Moorei will please you & Sir Joseph; it does not represent the very largest cones occurring, but one of average size; the ♂ is disproportionally small, while in M. spiralis they are more equal in size.

Possibly M. Moorei has the largest of cycadeous fruits, larger than that of any S. African Encephalartos; but of that you will finally enlighten us. I send portions of leaf of M. Moorei by this post also.

Regardfully you[r]

Ferd. von Mue[ller]4


I wonder where Bauer figured his Z. spiralis.5 Perhaps the Vienne Museum would tell. I will write to Dr. Kerner about it.6




Macrozamia Douglasii

Macrozamia Macdonellii

Macrozamia Moorei

Macrozamia spiralis

Zamia spiralis

Plates 4 and 5 in Miquel (1842).
Salisbury (1796), p. 401.
The ends of the two valedictory lines are obscured where glued to the mount.
Since M was aware of the plates (see note 2 above), he is presumably wondering what specimen, labelled in his view incorrectly as Zamia spiralis, Bauer drew.
PS paragraph is in the centre margin of the back of the folio. Letter to Anton Kerner von Marilaun not found.

Please cite as “FVM-82-02-16b,” in Ɛpsilon: The Ferdinand von Mueller Collection accessed on 20 September 2021,