To William Thiselton-Dyer   29 March 1882



In accordance with your request, dear Mr Dyer, I send you by this post fresh nuts of Cycadeae for embryologic studies. What I had available and thus forwarded, is:

Macrozamia Fraseri.

"    Macdonelli.

Cycas media.


Kennedyana. 1

Not long ago you received at Kew fresh nuts of Macroz. Moorei; 2 so you will have 6 species to operate on.

Miss North’s splendid paintings must make quite a picture gallery at Kew She has set a noble example both by her artistic skill & monetary liberality. best compl. to the Lady 3

Regardfully your

Ferd. von Mueller.



Macrozamia Fraseri

Macrozamia Macdonelli

Macrozamia Moorei

Cycas media

Cycas Normanbyana

Cycas Kennedyana

Marginal annotation next to this list: recd. The Kew Museum Book vol. 5, p. 31, entry no. 70 (11 May 1882), records the arrival of the seeds. The receipt of a cone of Macrozamia fraseri, ‘very much broken’, from the Swan River was recorded in the same entry. See M to W. Thiselton-Dyer, 28 March 1882 (in this edition as 82-03-28a).
Kew Inwards Book 1878-83, p. 326, entry no. 293, records the arrival of a large stem and seeds of Macrozamia mooreana on 30 August 1881.
best ... Lady is a marginal note with its position in the text indicated by asterisks. Marianne North donated to Kew the flower paintings she had made in her world tours, along with funds to erect a gallery the first phase of which was opened on 7 June 1882 (North [1892], vol. 2, p. 210). She met M in Melbourne (North [1892], vol. 2, pp. 143, 168); M to W. Thiselton-Dyer, 26 November 1880; M to J. Hooker, 15 January 1881.

Please cite as “FVM-82-03-29a,” in Ɛpsilon: The Ferdinand von Mueller Collection accessed on 19 September 2021,