To B. Daydon Jackson   9 April 1882

Easter 1



Could you kindly ascertain, dear Mr Jackson, whether in Sir Jam. Smith’s collection, kept by the L.S., any specimen occurs of what Aiton cultivated at Kew as Casuarina stricta. If, as he asserts, it came from N. S Wales, it cannot be C. quadrivalvis; on the other hand in 1775 no Ship returned from Port Jackson, but Furneaux came then back from Tasmania. 2 C. quadrivalvis is the very reverse of strict 3 in its growth, being more pendulous in its foliage than any other species. The least fragment of Smith’s or Aiton’s plant i.e. the Kew plant would suffice for me to see, what it was really.

Regardfully your

Ferd von Mueller


Casuarina stricta

Casuarina quadrivalvis

Easter fell on 9 April in 1882.
Furneaux was captain of HMS Adventure , which accompanied James Cook, on HMS Resolution , during the second of his three famous expeditions (1772-5). Adventure but not Resolution visited Tasmania in the course of the expedition.

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