From John Brown1    24 October 1882





Woods and Forests Department ,




Baron Fred. Von Mueller K.C.M.G.

Govt Botanist.



SUBJECT:— Euc. Obliqua.


My dear Baron,

On looking up matters re Euc. Obliqua the other day I found that the matured fruits of this tree as shown in your "Eucalyptographia",3 do not at all correspond with the fruits of our Stringybark on the Mt Lofty hills. Will you kindly let me know what is the reason of this difference. Is the S. A. tree only a variety of the species?

I found the enclosed specimen along the Clare hills the other day. It is the Stringybark and is the same as this tree at Mt Lofty: is it not?

Apologising for thus troubling you.

I am

My dear Baron

Yours very truly

J. E. Brown.


Eucalyptus obliqua

MS annotation by M: 'Answ 27/10/82 FvM'. Letter not found; but see J. Brown to M, 7 November 1882.
MS bears the coat of arms of SA.
B79.13.11, Decade 3. Concerning E. obliqua, M wrote: 'The "Stringybark-tree" of South Australia and Tasmania, but in Victoria more generally called the "Messmate-tree," on account of its resemblance to E. macrorrhyncha, which in our colony passes mostly as Stringybark-tree.'

Please cite as “FVM-82-10-24,” in Ɛpsilon: The Ferdinand von Mueller Collection accessed on 23 October 2021,