To B. Daydon Jackson   22 November 1882



I am greatly beholden to you, dear Mr Jackson, for your attentive kindness of sending me a copy of your Gerard and of your Turner. 1 These are two most important works historically and for tracing chronologically authorities. You deserve great credit for rescuing these two publications from oblivion, and for proving such an excellent commentator.

The complete first part (Vasculares) of the chronologic and geogr. census of Austral. plants 2 will go to the L.S. at the end of next month, when you you 3 will get also a copy. Did you receive my edition of Wittstein, 4 brought out a few years ago on private expense of mine with additions. If you have not got it, I will gladly send you a copy.

Regardfully your

Ferd von Mueller 5

Jackson (1876); Turner (1877).
you repeated.
Wittstein (1878).
Annotated: 'R 3 Jan/3 Jan'.

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