From John Brown1    15 March 1883

Woods & Forests Department,

Adelaide 15/3/— 18 83.

My dear Baron,

I am much obliged for your kind letter of the 24th ulto.2 re. my work upon "The Forest Flora of S.A."3 I shall be much pleased I can assure you to have a review of the work from your able pen.4

The enclosed was given to me this morning as Euc. ficifolia (F.v.M.) but of course it is the large flowering variety of E. leucoxylon; is it not?

I am figuring the red and white large flowering specimen of E. leucoxylon in my 2nd part of "Forest Flora." Have these varieties ever been named?5 If not, what should they be called. I should like to have your views on this matter.

With many thanks for your ready acquiescence with my [work] in these matters.

I am

My dear Baron

yours truly

J. E. Brown


Eucalyptus ficifolia

Eucalyptus leucoxylon

MS annotation by M: 'Answ 20/3/83 FvM'. Letter not found.
Letter not found.
The first part of Brown (1883-90). See J. Brown to M, 17 February 1883.
An unsigned review, by M but possibly edited before publication, appeared in Leader (Melbourne), 31 March 1883, p. 13 (B83.03.05).
Brown (1883-90), part 2, has illustrations and accounts of E. leucoxylon, two of E. leucoxlion var. macrocarpa (one red flowered, the other white), and E. leucoxylon var. pauperita.

Please cite as “FVM-83-03-15,” in Ɛpsilon: The Ferdinand von Mueller Collection accessed on 25 September 2021,