From Joseph Hooker   25 June 1883

June 25 /83.

My dear Baron

I have been too long in answering you about the Norfolk Island plants.1 Prof Oliver reports that there is no reason to doubt them all being distinct — except Abutilon julianae, of which we have only a bad specimen, & that is not Cunningham's, ergo is not authentic — it appears the same with A. auritum.

Hartighsea Patersoniana we have in fruit only

Elaeodendron curtipendulum resembles your E. melanocarpum, but their fruits are probably different.

Hibiscus insularis

Pittosp. bracteol.2

Hartigssea Paters.3

are no doubt distinct species

Mr Bentham is very feeble & has not been able to come to Kew for many weeks

Ever sincerely yr

Jos D Hooker.


Abutilon auritum

Abutilon julianae

Elaeodendron curtipendulum

Elaeodendron melanocarpum

Hartigssea Patersoniana

Hibiscus insularis

Pittosporum bracteolatum

See M to J Hooker, 5 May 1883 (in this edition as 83-05-05a).
Pittosporum bracteolatum.
Hartighsea Patersoniana?Each plant name except E. melanocarpum is marked in the margin with a small line.

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