To B. Daydon Jackson   9 October 1883



In your Linnean List, dear Mr Jackson, I find Mr Oshanesy1 noted as a South Australian. He always was, since his election, a settler & J.P. at the Comet-River Queensland.2

Regardfully Your

Ferd. von Mueller.3

i.e. O'Shanesy.

Both the October 1882 and October 1883 printed lists of Fellows of the Linnean Society give the following information:

[Date of election] 1880, May.

O’Shanesy, Patrick Adam, Esq. Adelaide, S. Australia, care of Roberts and Co., East India Avenue, E.C.

The December 1884 list has his address as ‘Comet River, Queensland, Australia, Care of Roberts and Co., …’

The entire text is crossed through in blue pencil.

Please cite as “FVM-83-10-09c,” in Ɛpsilon: The Ferdinand von Mueller Collection accessed on 23 October 2021,