From Joseph Hooker   15 August 1884

Aug 15 /84

Dear Baron1

I write to say that the Dendrobium superbiens, Fitzgerald quite distinct from the plant of Rchb fil2

Thanks for Latourea you are no doubt right.

Am glad you liked the Labichea. Yes, it is a great pity that Rchb. f. would not publish a revision of either genera or species of Orchids. I urged him to do so over & over again before Gen. Plant.3 should be forced to undertake it. He has suspended all communication with Kew, why I cannot conceive except that we did the Orchids for Genera without him! — He is an unaccountable creature.

Thanks for the article on Genera names4 — I have not digested it yet, being frightfully busy.

Ever sincerely yr

Jos D. Hooker


Bentham is back — very low & weak.


Dendrobium superbiens



Hooker is responding to questions and comments in M to J. Hooker, 25 June 1884 (in this edition as 84-06-25a).
Heinrich Gustav Reichenbach (Rchb. f.) described Dendrobium superbiens in Gardeners' chronicle (1876), II, 516. Cf. Fitzgerald's illustration in Fitzgerald (1875-94).
Bentham & Hooker (1862-83).

Please cite as “FVM-84-08-15b,” in Ɛpsilon: The Ferdinand von Mueller Collection accessed on 28 September 2021,