To B. Daydon Jackson   9 August 1885



Allow me, dear Mr Jackson, to send you the enclosed letter from the Rev R. Thom.1 I have advised him, to make some London Book seller his Agent at the L.S.

Is Mr Haviland of Sydney elected? He was proposed by Rev Dr Woolls, Mr Fitzgerald and myself some time ago.2 He is a most zealous observer of the fecundation of plants through insect-agency.



Ferd von Mueller

You will see several treatises by Mr Havilland in the proceedings of the LS of N. S Wales.3

See R. Thom to M, 4 August 1885.
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Nineteen publications by Haviland in the Proceedings of the Linnean Society of NSW are listed at (accessed 26 March 2015).

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