From Joseph Hooker1    3 October 1886

The Camp

Sunningdale Oct 3d /86

My dear Baron

I thank you exceedingly for the gift of your splendid volume on Myoporineae which will add a huge corner stone to the edifice you have raised to Australian Botany. It is a capital pair to the Eucalypts & I can hope now that your labors will be carried on for many years to come.

I have also to thank you for your many kind attentions to my son Brian, who seems to be getting on well, though it is now a good many weeks since I have heard from him.

I occupy Bentham's room & table at Kew, & pretty much confine my labors to the Indian Flora,2 of which the last part went to you a month or two ago

I find certain Orders to be very hard & very unsatisfactory work. Especially Laurineae, Myristiceae & Piperaceae, none of which trouble you much in Australia. I am now working at Phyllanthus which requires a thorough revision. I have many new species of the Bradleia section, but not many of others.

Though working so near to the Gardens I see very little of them having no time to spare from my Herbarium work.

Dr Aitchison3 is here naming his plants of the Affghan Boundary Commission. Reichenbach has also been at Kew, at Orchids of course.

Very sincerely yr

Jos D Hooker








MS annotation by M: 'Answ 2/12/86'. Letter not found.
J. Hooker (1875-97).
J. E. T. Aitchison.

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