To B. Daydon Jackson   9 December 1890



In reply to your letter, just received, dear Mr Jackson,1 I have with sadness to tell you, that the Police Magistrate of Stroud, the venerable C. H Fawcett, has passed away some months ago. 2 At his advanced age his correspondence with me became gradually less, and as he was alone in the world, he having had no family-life, no one informed me of his death, and I only learnt this mournful event incidentally not long ago.


your Ferd. von Mueller3

Letter not found.

C. H. Fawcet ... ago underlined in blue pencil.

Fawcett died on 15 March 1890 (Sydney morning herald, 18 March 1890, p. 7).

Annotated R Notd [AH]

The initials are on the form of a monogram, probably that of Arthur Rashdall Hammond, Clerk to the Council of the Linnean Society (Gage & Stearn [1988], p. 78).

Please cite as “FVM-90-12-09,” in Ɛpsilon: The Ferdinand von Mueller Collection accessed on 23 October 2021,