To Douglas Richardson   8 June 1894



It is with much regret, dear Mr Richardson,1 that I must deprive myself of the pleasure of being present at the opening of your Gallerie of painting Art this after noon, when doubtless again a splendid display from newest talents will be brought forward. It so happens, that this after noon also a public lecture will be given by Mr Bosisto at the College of Horticulture at Burnley near Richmond,2 where my attendance in a departmental position is required. Besides — this is the monthly mail-day for America, involving heavy extra-work for me.

I shall therefore some other day make an hour or two free, to admire your exhibition of this season, to which I so kindly was invited by wish of the of the3 honored President and Council.

With regardful remembrance your

Ferd. von Mueller.

Presumably the artist C. Douglas Richardson, director of the life class at the Victorian Artists' Society.
Bosisto was to deliver a lecture on ‘Perfume Plants’; see Age, 7 June 1894, p. 4.

Please cite as “FVM-94-06-08b,” in Ɛpsilon: The Ferdinand von Mueller Collection accessed on 17 September 2021,