Greetings card (WCP1500.1279)


University of Colorado

Boulder, Colorado

James H. Baker, A. M., LL. D


To Dr. Alfred Russel Wallace:

We, the students in the General Biology Class at the University of Colorado, ardent admirers of your work on Evolution, send you respectful greetings on the occasion of your eighty-ninth birthday, wishing you health and happiness.

Mary Truyal [signature]

Maude Beck [signature]

Angel Bearis [signature]

Ethel Ball [signature]

Marion Andrew [signature]

Fannie O. Ames [signature]

Gladys T.C. Allen [signature]

Sarah Dunkles[?][signature]

Laura Albaud [signature]

Susie Blakey [signature]

Dagmar Stidger [signature]

Robert M. Burns [signature]

Mary Butler [signature]

Leah [1 word illeg.] [signature]

Norris M Pritchman [signature]

Joseph M. Kellogg [signature]

Proctor M. McBlure [signature]

A. Willard King[?][signature]

[2 words illeg.] [signature]

[1 word illeg.] Lee [signature]

Ernest Allen [signature]


Millett Hawshaw [signature]

Helen Barney [signature]

Helen E. Fenner [signature]

Maynard Sheldon [signature]

Wesley Sloan [signature]

R. W. Basham [signature]

Frank [1 word illeg.] [signature]

Arthur Gjellum [signature]

A. W. [1 word illeg.] [signature]

Vida Helen Merrill [signature]

Corinna R. Milbo [signature]

Hazel MacDonald [signature]

Vera Peterson [signature]

Mabel McLean [signature]

Rosa K. Niehams [signature]

Myrtle Scrorrill [signature]

Fannie Hulbert [signature]

Edgar Hoagland [signature]

Henry Carlisle Stevens [signature]

Mae M. Everitt [signature]

Maud Erickson [signature]

Nellie Graut [signature]

[2 words illeg.] [signature]

Selma M. Giss [signature]

Frances Holmburg [signature]

Neva L. Duff [signature]

R. G. Brunnery [signature]

Cipriana Subigano [signature]

Agnes Press [signature]

Grace Salve [signature]

J. Laurs Roberts [signature]

Geo K Wunkle [signature]

Stella S. Grout [signature]

Grace May McNeil [signature]

Ruth R Peirano [signature]

Ruth L. Scotland [signature]

Edna E. Truit [signature]

Winifred L. Danielo [signature]

John D Bouslog [signature]

Harold Macomber [signature]

Harold W. Stilson [signature]

Paul W. Word [signature]

S B Sherill [signature]

R. R. Bacon [signature]


Robert Phimpton [signature]

Edith K. Hopkins [signature]

Lucille McNown [signature]

Florence Keck [signature]

Rexie Ellen Bennett [signature]

Jamie W. East [signature]

J. Grace Hawron [signature]

Marjorie A. Wixon [signature]

Gertrude Rennie [signature]

Manan B. McLonnell [signature]

Mary Moore Dawson [signature]

Elizabeth G. Small [signature]

Helen Brown [signature]

Anna Marie Johnson [signature]

Roy O. Hills [signature]

Virginia T. Fawdin[?][signature]

Aileen Mouahan [signature]

Clara Habermann [signature]

Grace Thomas [signature]

Hozel Schmool [signature]

Alice McClurg [signature]

Geo K. Currier [signature]

Ruth Aughinbaugh [signature]

Florence L. Rice [signature]

Vida T. Walker [signature]

Grace Zorn [signature]

Claude Campbell [signature]

Myrow C. Heriick [signature]

Maguerite M. Heidershot [signature]

Mrs. Emma Scott [signature]

Mary C. Trunt [signature]

Vesta E. Schaedla [signature]

Hazel S. Goss [signature]

Eva G. Miller [signature]

Eva Leah Coolidge [signature]

Evelyn E. Knight [signature]

Mary H. Hammond [signature]

May E. Williams [signature]

Bertha C. Hemmingson [signature]

Vera S. Flynn [signature]

May Ethel Johnson [signature]


University of "Colorado" Biology Class Congratulations

Sarah M. Richard [signature]

Maguerite Flynn [signature]

Estelle M. Kyle [signature]

Katharine Gill [signature]

Una Nighswander [signature]

Xenophon R. Gill [signature]

Sophia Ellaberg [signature]

Robert D. Waldo [signature]

C. S. Blummel [signature]

Albert Menig [signature]

Paul A. Gouden [signature]

Sallie Hollowell [signature]

Margaret E. Waldo [signature]

Edit C. Harrington [signature]

Please cite as “WCP1500,” in Beccaloni, G. W. (ed.), Ɛpsilon: The Alfred Russel Wallace Collection accessed on 31 March 2023, https://epsilon.ac.uk/view/wallace/letters/WCP1500