Letter (WCP1997.1887)


Milnthorpe R[oa]d


My dear Mr Wallace

It is very good of you to write to me about Romanes'1 letters. I must confess I could not guess how they came into your hands. My only theory was that my father gave them to my brother George2, and that he gave them copies to you, which I imagine he might [2] do, without any particular harm.

I will take care to respect your confidence — I did not read Romanes in the X/Xth century but I have heard the offensiveness of his article spoken of. It is simply disgraceful that belief or non belief in spiritualism should be [3] brought in. Apart from this also it disgusts me that Romanes (whom I like in spite of his foibles) should so forget what is due to a man in your position from one of Romanes his calibre — I think Romanes is one of those people to whom the pen is not [1 word illeg.] merely "an organ of thought[?]" so much as an organ [4] of arrogance. At least I do not see much sign of his self-sufficing in conversation.

Yours truly | Francis Darwin [signature]2

Romanes, George J (1848-1894). Evolutionary biologist and physiologist, academic friend of Charles Darwin.

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