Letter (WCP2204.2094)




Jan[uar]y 24/ [18]94

My dear Wallace

I was not at home when the arrangements were made for Spruce's2 going to the Amazons, but my belief is, that my father3 (possibly aided by the Duke of Bedford & others) advanced the funds for his outfit & voyage &c, to be repaid by the collections Spruce might make; my father also proving[?] promises of subscribers, & engaging that Kew4 & others would take living plants & seeds at a fair valuation. What part Bentham5 took in the origination[?] of the affair I cannot say, but no doubt a most important one [2] including the laborious task of dividing and distributing the dried specimens, sending them to the subscribers & collecting the payments, thus saving Spruce all[?] the charges of agency &c &c &c.

In this way my father sent out Gardner6 to Brazil and Drummond7 to the Southern states of N[orth]. Am[erica]. Certainly Kew advanced nothing, the mission was practically I believe carried out by my father, who indeed originated it.

I dare say I could ascertain the number of sets of plants distributed & the total number of ticketed specimens — if you cared that I should do so — pray ask freely [3]8 for any further information that I may possess.

Ever Sin[cerel]y Y[ou]r | Jos. D. Hooker [signature]

Annotated in an unknown hand or hands in the top right corner above the date, in pencil, "326" and "9".
Spruce, Richard (1817 -1893). Botanist and explorer.
Hooker, William Jackson (1785 -1865 ). Botanist. Director of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, 1841 -1865.
The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.
Bentham, George (1800 -1884). English botanist. In 1854 he donated his herbarium and library to the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, and worked there until his death.
Gardner, George (1810 -1849). Scottish naturalist and traveller. He collected plants and other natural history specimens in northern Brazil from 1836 to 1841.
Drummond, Thomas (1793 -1835) Scottish naturalist. Funded by William Hooker, he collected plants in the southern states of North America in 1831.
Annotated in an unknown hand in the top right corner, in pencil, "327".

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