Letter (WCP2418.2308)


21 Grosvenor Place.S.W.

Jan[uary] 4. 1890.


As chairman of the Journal Committee R[oyal]. Agricultural So[ciety] of E[ngland]. I venture to ask you if you would be so good as to write a paper for us on a subject of which you are a Master, namely: The Works of Darwin and Darwinism in Relation to Agriculture. Such a paper would I anticipate give you but little trouble as you have the subject at the ends of your fingers! and your treatment [2] of it would be to us of great practical, educational and suggestive importance. We could give you up to 32 pages, and our payments would be the same as those of the Quarterly Review.

You would probably glean here and there from all Darwins [sic] works, and from your own, always giving foot note references for those who desire to follow up the subject, otherwise the article [3] should be chatty and readable and as though intended for the Quarterly or Edinburgh Reviews.

Your most agriculturally interesting account of the fossil horse[?] would be an important feature, and we could with your permission copy or otherwise work in your diagrams.

This journal of ours is now entering upon the third period of its existence its jubilee was celebrated last year, and I am personally [4] anxious the new series should start well, consequently I beg you with all allowable urgency to comply with our request.

I am, sir, | yours faithfully | Cathcart [signature]1

Alfred Russel Wallace Esq L. L. D.

&c. &c. &c.

British Museum stamp underneath.

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