Letter (WCP2871.2761)


The Camp,


March 18 1907

Dear Wallace

Thanks for you note about [1 word illeg.] — I will go into the matter.

I had no sooner posted my note to you on Botany than I remembered that there was information on the subject of Brazilian collection on the concluding [1 word illeg.]

of Martin's good work, I wrote directly to Hemsley about it, I am glad to know that he has [2 words illeg.] me.

My information is that the Linnean cannot lend [1 word crossed out illeg.] you the [1 word illeg.]; the works being [3 words illeg.] in many [1 word illeg.] [3 words illeg.] for a type written copy of the article. Also for a translation. Can you manage this for me? When you [2] have done with it I would give it to [name illeg.] for the [1 word illeg.] Bulletin.

Ever yours | JDH [signature]

Top left, unknown hand "Answ[ere]d".

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