Letter (WCP3072.3040)


Rangers Lodge. H[yde].[?] P[ark].[?]

1st April [1853]2

Sir /

I shall be glad to forward your wishes and to see you at Sarawak and will reply to your communication when I have leisure.

I am now on the point of leaving England[.]

faithfully yours | J Brooke3 [signature]

A[lfred] Wallace Esqr

The letter has been annotated at the head towards the top right-hand corner, perhaps by Wallace: "1854-5?" and underneath: "1853?".
James Brooke visited England in May 1851 staying for around two years, so dating this letter to 1 April 1853, shortly before he left the country (Barley, N. 2003. White Rajah: A Biography of Sir James Brooke. [Paperback edition]. London, UK: Abacus. [p. 136]).
Brooke, James (1803-1868). Rajah of Sarawak.

Please cite as “WCP3072,” in Beccaloni, G. W. (ed.), Ɛpsilon: The Alfred Russel Wallace Collection accessed on 30 November 2023, https://epsilon.ac.uk/view/wallace/letters/WCP3072