Letter (WCP3378.3346)


Parkstone, Dorset.

Jan[uar]y 10th. 1890

Messrs Macmillan & Co.

Dear Sirs

Thanks for your cheque for which I enclose receipt.

Have you no accounts yet of the sales of "Darwinism" in America, and no remittance of the royalty due on these? I shall be glad to know to know at all events, how many copies have been sold in America, and also how many of the 3rd. Ed[ition].2 are now sold in England.

I cannot say that I see any connection between the [2] demand for "Darwinism" and demand for popular "Natural Histories". I shall have thought it showed that people felt more interest in the greater problems of Natural History than in the details of habits, structure, & classification which so many books, both popular & scientific, supply. Any how, such a work as you suggest is entirely outside of my specialty & equally beyond my power to undertake. To do it well would occupy many several years with full access to libraries [3]3 & museums and a detailed knowledge of at least some[?] one[?] important division of the Animal Kingdom — a knowledge I do not possess.

With regard to "Tropical Nature" I mentioned when discussing the publication of "Darwinism" that I should like to have that work ("Tropical Nature") and the "Contributions to Natural Selection" republished in one volume at a moderate price, omitting one or two of the less popular Essays. As soon as I can find time I will see about [4] preparing this new edition which I am inclined to think will sell well. I can hardly think of any title but — "Natural Selection & Tropical Nature" Explaining in the Preface that it is a reissue of two works in one volume.

Yours very faithfully | Alfred R. Wallace [signature]4

There is a catalogue/reference number (the number "26") inscribed in the top right corner of the page. It is not in Wallace’s hand-writing.
Charles Smith’s bibliography of Wallace’s publications cites that the 2nd edition of Darwinism was published in London and New York in August 1889. The 3rd edition was published in 1901.
There is a catalogue/reference number (the number "27") inscribed towards the top right corner of the page. It is not in Wallace’s hand-writing.
The official stamp of the British Library follows Wallace’s signature.

Please cite as “WCP3378,” in Beccaloni, G. W. (ed.), Ɛpsilon: The Alfred Russel Wallace Collection accessed on 29 June 2022, https://epsilon.ac.uk/view/wallace/letters/WCP3378