Letter (WCP3678.3582)



15th. Novr. 1853.


In reply to your Letter1 of the 7th Ins[tan]t, requesting to be informed whether any opportunity offers for a passage for you in one of Her Majesty's Ships to Singapore; I am commanded by my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty to acquaint you that no Ship of War is about to proceed to the East India Station,2 and my Lords would enquire whether the question of a passage by packet3 has ever been suggested.

I am, Sir, | Your most obedient Ser[van]t. | W. A. B. Hamilton4 [signature]

Alfred R. Wallace Esq

Royal Geographical Soc[iet]y

3 Waterloo Place.




Rec[eive]d Nov 15.

(To A.R. Wallace)5

Ref[erence] Passage for A.R. Wallace to Singapore. (cross-ref[erence]d Wallace)

Letter WCP3563_L3462.
The East Indies Station of the British Royal Navy had bases at Colombo and Trincomalee in Sri Lanka (then Ceylon), Bombay in India, Basra in Iraq and Aden in Yemen.
A mailboat.
Bailie-Hamilton, William Alexander (1803-1881). British naval commander.
The text "1853 | Admiralty | Rec[eive]d Nov 15. | (To A.R. Wallace)" has been written in a different hand.

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