Letter (WCP3711.3618)


Parkstone, Dorset.

Sept.[embe]r 27th. 1896

My dear Flürscheim1

Many thanks for your letter & the Cuttings from the "Echo". It was in consequence of the copy you sent me that I replied to Mr. Samuels2, but it seems to have had little effect. For both he and others go on writing as if their scanty experience settled the whole question, & without taking the trouble to read anything of the experiences of others.

As to the "fact" you quote from your friend's friend, Dr. Drummond3, I feel sure it is no fact at all & therefore needs no explanation. [2] I knew Dr. Carpenter4 well & had long discussions with him in various periodicals & know all his writings on & against Spiritualism. If any such "fact" had been observed by himself I feel sure he would have stated it & made the most of it, — but he did not. But he stated in another case, that while two witnesses testified to Home's5 being carried out of the window 60 feet from the ground, another person present saw him in the room the whole time! But this was stated merely because Dr. C. felt sure it must have been so, while the 3rd. person referred to declared afterwards [3] that he did see Home float out of the window just as the others did; that Dr. C. was trusting to his imagination for his facts! The proof of this is given in Home's Life by his widow. I feel sure that if you put the original statement in writing, either of Dr. Drummond or Dr. Carpenter, you will find no such thing as your friend supposes ever happened. Ask your friend for Dr. Drummond's statement, made at the time.

I am glad to hear you are going lecturing & with you every success. I am glad you like my book. Many [4] persons have been so struck by it's facts & arguments That they have enquired into the phenomena & have become thorough Spiritualists.

Believe me | Yours very truly | Alfred R. Wallace [signature]

Michael Flürscheiim (1844 — 1912), German economist.
H. B. Samuels.
Henry Drummond (1851 — 1897), writer.
William Benjamin Carpenter (1813 — 1885), English physiologist.
Daniel D. Home (1833 — 1886), Spiritualist medium.

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