Letter (WCP3712.3619)


Parkstone, Dorset.

Dec[embe]r 27th. 1896

My dear Flürscheim1

I was very much pleased with the account in "Brotherhood" of what you have done in starting the Cooperative Coal Mine & Store. It is an admirable opportunity for an object-lesson, if it succeeds, which I trust it may. I suppose progress will be reposted month by month, and I hope all is going on well so far.

As to Du Prel's theories we [2] are not likely to agree yet awhile. You say — "The double proves that even materialisation can be produced by our living spirit." I see not a particle of proof; but much that goes against that theory, as stated in my chapters on Apparitions &c. in the new ed. of "Miracles".

When we meet next we will have a talk on these matters.

Your affectionate friend | Alfred R. Wallace [signature]

Michael Flürscheim (1844 — 1912), German economist.

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