Letter (WCP4351.4572)


Nov[embe]r 20th.1887

Dear Mr. Poulton

Many thanks for your very elaborate and interesting paper on pupae which I shall read carefully as soon as I can find time. The results seem quite to correspond with your observations on the effect of surrounding colours on the colours of larvae. It would be interesting to know what proportion of protectively coloured pupae acquire their protective colours by this process.

I have written to Mr. Sadler about the lectures.

Yours very truly| Alfred R. Wallace [signature]

Envelope (WCP4351.4573)

Envelope addressed to "E. B. Poulton Esq. M.A., Wykeham House, Banbury Road, Oxford", with stamp, postmarked "GODALMING | A | NO 21 | 87"; postmark on back. [Envelope (WCP4351.4573)]

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