Letter (WCP4581.4895)


Holly House, Barking E.

Jany. 24th.

Dear Dunning

I return the proof. Janson was right about the Tarphius gibbulus not being Madeiran; I had it all right in my notes but bungled it afterwards. It involves an alteration which will add just one line, & which being rather intricate I hope you will see is properly done.

On the other point, of the allied Madeiran Tarphius not inhabiting trees, he is wrong; [letter crossed out] I now use Wollaston’s own words from Insecta Maderensia in stating it. There are a few other verbal alterations to avoid tautology.

Yours very faithfully| Alfred R. Wallace [signature]

Please cite as “WCP4581,” in Beccaloni, G. W. (ed.), Ɛpsilon: The Alfred Russel Wallace Collection accessed on 27 July 2021, https://epsilon.ac.uk/view/wallace/letters/WCP4581