Published letter (WCP6294.7279)

[1] [p. 188]


Your answers are very good; the only thing I wish to see different is the writing only on one side so as to leave room for comments. Very few would be wanted; [2] [p. 189] still I could write here and there a few remarks on the page opposite if it was left blank. I wish you had got rid of Examinations; I could have got you into a very good place just now if you had been a B.A. But there are as good fish in the sea as ever came out of it, and when you have got rid of these Examinations you will be sure to have a place found for you.

I am very interested in all that concerns Distribution, — and I have read what you say with much pleasure. The other day I came on a great blunder of Wallace’s; he says no true Sus [pig] exists in the AEthiopian Region. But in the British Museum cellars I found two skulls of a true Sus, and having faith in Wallace I told Gerrard that they were wrongly labelled. But on hunting the subject up further I find Wallace is wrong and that the skulls were right. This is what one would expect; for where we have Hippopotamus, Phacochoerus, and Potamochoerus, why should we not have Sus? Where we have Didunculus and Goura we have the typical Pigeons, and so with the other Orders.

I will return your papers shortly.

I am, | Yours very truly, | GEORGE ROLLESTON.1

Rolleston, George (1829-1881). British zoologist and physician

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