Letter (WCP6363.7358)



den 15. Oktober 1933.

Eugen Hornung2

Karlsruhe i.B.



W. G. Wallace3

Doveshill Cottage

Ensbury P[ar]k.


To the

Entomological Society of London4,

London S. W. 7.

41. Queen’s Gate.

On writing a biography of Alfred Russel Wallace I do not find anything about his life from 1905 to 1913, or broadly speaking, about the period from finishing his autobiographical work "My Life" 5, published in 1905 to his death in November 1913. Besides that I want to know the cause of his death and details as first name, birthday, year of birth, year of death and so on of his wife, maiden name Mitten6. Further on I have no informations [sic] about his children, the number of them, their birthdays, professions, their dwelling place and address, their days of death, if so, and so on. Do live [sic] grandchildren of Alfred Russel Wallace and where? What are their professions? Where Alfred Russel Wallace is buried? (town and churchyard). These and similar questions I can not [sic] obtain in Germany, neither from German libraries nor out [sic] the scientific literature. Can you quote literature to my instruction and to send across [to] me a newspaper cutting about his funeral from a great newspaper or periodical, perhaps the announcement of his death, which his family had printed in a great newspaper ("[The] Times")? at that time and chiefly a list of essays, books and scientific memoirs by Alfred Russel Wallace from 1868 to his death (the year and spot [sic] of the announcement of them or informations [sic] where a list is to find [sic]). I beg your pardon, if I apply to the Entomological Society for assistance, but I have no other advice.

Through the close connection between the Entomological Society and Alfred Russel Wallace I think to can obtain [sic] the necessary informations [sic] that I can write a good and detailed biography. Taking into consideration that a German biography about Alfred Russel Wallace is not published, I have made me [sic] as a biologist (savant without official appointment) the task to write such a work, to put the overwhelming importance of Alfred Russel Wallace to good account in biology and natural science.

May I hope that you have the kindness to write [to] me at your earliest convenience?

I remain, with best compliments and allow me to thank you!

Yours faithfully | Eugen Hornung [signature]

This is a typewritten transcript, signed in ink. The page is numbered [WP16/1/19] in pencil in the top RH corner.
Hornung, Eugen of Karlsruhe-am-Rhein, Germany. No dates or biographical details found, nor of a biography of ARW by him having been published.
The typescript is addressed at the top in another hand to William Greenell Wallace, ARW’s son.
The Royal Entomological Society exists to disseminate information about insects and improving communication between entomologists. The Society was founded in 1833 as the Entomological Society of London and is the successor to a number of short-lived societies dating back to 1745.
Wallace, A. R. (1905) My Life; A Record of Events and Opinions London, Chapman & Hall Ltd. 2 vols.
Wallace, Annie (née Mitten) (1846-1914), ARW’s wife.

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