Author’s draft (WCP6364.7359)



Ensbury Park,



Oct[ober]. 26th 1933.

Herr Eugen Hornung3

Dear Sir,

Your letter asking for information which will be of use to you in writing a biography of my father, Alfred R. Wallace, has been forwarded to me by the Secretary of the British Association4.

You will find a great deal of the particulars you require in "Letters and Reminiscences of Alfred Russel Wallace"5, by James Merchant6, published by Cassell & Co. L[imite]d. at 25/-7, 2 volumes.

It is, I believe, out of print but you may find it in one of your larger libraries or obtain a copy from one of the London dealers. If you are unsuccessful I may be able to find you a copy.


Two of Dr Wallace’s two surviving children (one son died in early childhood8) are still alive. The elder, Miss Violet Wallace9, resides at Hurstpierpoint in Sussex where our mother’s sisters10 still live.

I was formerly an electrical engineer and now live in Bournemouth. I am married11 and have two sons aged 11 and 9 years respectively12.

I send you an obituary notice written by Professor E.B. Poulton, F.R.S, &c, of Oxford, for the Royal Society, which may be of use in your work.

Yours faithfully, | W. G. Wallace13 [signature]

This is a draft letter annotated at the top in pencil in what is presumed to be the author’s hand "(Rough Copy) not exact wording". The page is numbered [WP16/1/20] in pencil in the top RH corner.
Hornung, Eugen of Karlsruhe-am-Rhein, Germany. No dates or biographical details found, nor of a biography of ARW by him having been published.
The British Association for the Advancement of Science (founded 1831) is a learned society promoting science, directing general attention to scientific matters and facilitating interaction between scientific workers.

Marchant, J. (1916) Alfred Russel Wallace: Letters and Reminiscences

London, Cassell & Co. 2 vols.

Marchant, James (1857-1956) Free Church minister, social activist and philanthropist and close friend of ARW.
Twenty-five shillings (£1.25)
Wallace, Herbert Spencer ("Bertie") (1867-1874), Son and first child of ARW, deceased brother of William Greenell Wallace.
Wallace, Violet Isabel (1869-1945) Daughter and second child of ARW, Wallace, Violet Isabel (1869-1945) Daughter and second child of ARW, sister of William Greenell Wallace.
Mitten, Rose Elizabeth (1847-1946); Mitten, Flora (1850-?), Mitten, Bessie Jordan (1854-1936).
Wallace, Elizabeth Carr (née Whittle) (1888-1976)
Wallace, Alfred John Russel (1922- ), and Wallace, Richard Russel (1924-). (The author’s eldest child, a daughter Elizabeth Anne (1920-1921) died in infancy).
Wallace, William Greenell (1871-1951) Electrical engineer, second son and third child of ARW.

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