Letter (WCP6368.7364)



22. Dezember 1934.

Dear Mister Wallace2,

I have not written to you so long more from my work on your late father and from me [sic]. Now I can say, that my work is nearly ready. I was in need of more time, as I was obliged to work [on] other things between whiles. If I do not demand your kindness to [sic] much, so I may beg for a further and last information: Can you tell me the sense of your family name "Wallace" after the manner your father has declared the name "Greenell3" in "My Life"4 Vol[ume]. I (P[age]. 5). Will you be [so] kind as to inform me [?]

Present my best compliments to Mrs. W[allace]5. and to you, and believe me

yours very faithfully | Eugen Hornung6 [signature]


P[ost]. S[criptum]. I wish you a good Christmas and a happy new year with the best of all health to you and to yours.


My address:

Eugen Hornung

Karlsruhe a[m]. Rh[ein].

Westend-Str[aße]. 32.

[Note in pencil in recipient’s hand]

Old forms of Wallace

Le Galeys, le Waleys, le Waleis, le Walsshe = the Welshman or perhaps foreigner.

The page is numbered [WP16/1/24] in pencil in the top RH corner.
Wallace, William Greenell (1871-1951) Electrical engineer, second son and third child of ARW.

Greenell is the maiden name of ARW’s mother, Mary Ann Wallace


Wallace, A. R. (1905) My Life; A Record of Events and Opinions London, Chapman & Hall Ltd. 2 vols.
Wallace, Elizabeth Carr (née Whittle) (1888-1976), Wife of William Greenell Wallace.
Hornung, Eugen of Karlsruhe-am-Rhein, Germany. No dates or biographical details found, nor of a biography of ARW by him having been published.

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